Firefighters (FR) apparel is an important safety item for workers in the electrical industry. However, protection varies depending on the arc rating of the garment. Wearers need to understand how the FR clothing they choose can and cannot protect them.

For many professionals, flame retardant (FR) clothing is an essential tool for work. High quality, especially engineered FR garments protect the wearer from burns caused by flash fires, electric arcs, and flammable dust. This allows professionals in many industries to deal with potentially dangerous tasks. Over the years, FR clothing has saved countless lives from serious injury and even loss of life.

Flame resistant clothing refers to clothing that is specially designed to protect the wearer from flames and thermal injury. FR clothing resists ignition and extinguishes itself after the source of ignition is removed. This helps prevent burns from both initial exposure to flames and residual heat transfer.

Those who work in the power industry face many risks at work. One of the most serious threats is the display of arc flash. Flame resistant clothing is essential for the safety of the worker during such an event. Courtesy: All Season Uniforms.

Flame resistant clothing is used in a variety of occupations, including fire service, research labs, electrical utilities, and oil and gas. Workers in all of these areas often face the possibility of explosions, open fires and other thermal events, so it is important that they are properly protected during work.