Flame resistant clothing is specially designed to reduce the risk of fire when exposed to combustion and high temperatures. In cases where the fabric burns, it will not continue to burn after the heat source is removed. This gives the wearer valuable time to escape and helps reduce injuries. However, it is important to remember that flame retardant does not mean fire retardant, and all flame retardant clothing will burn if it is heated for a long time.

Flame resistant clothing is also usually designed to prevent them from opening when heated. Open spaces in the fabric further endanger the skin and potentially increase the severity of the injury.

When buying flame retardant clothing, it is important to know how much protection each garment provides. FR clothing is rated using Arc Rating, or Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV). This rating indicates how much heat will be transmitted through the fabric in the form of an arc flash, and therefore, how much protection it will provide to the wearer.