Can Rainwear Be Flame Resistant?

So, we had an interesting inquiry the other day: can rainwear be flame-resistant? It doesn’t appear to make much sense when you think of it. That’s due to the fact that flame-resistant apparel is focused on keeping fire out, while rainwear is for maintaining water out. They’re pretty much polar opposites of each other, so how could rainwear perhaps do both? Well, it is possible, which is why we’re mosting likely to take the time to explain just how it works and also why it’s useful.


When asking, “Can rainwear be flame-resistant?” people think the two homes are equally unique. We’re here to reveal you that they’re not. A lot of waterproof materials that are made to keep water out do so by being crafted out of nonbreathable materials. Beyond of things, flame-resistant clothes focus on utilizing fabrics or chemicals that do not catch fire as conveniently. As a result of this difference, only a handful of products are utilized to attain both degrees of defense, such as polychloroprene, PVC, and Nylon.

The lack of breathability is the only significant downside right here, however it deserves the tradeoff if both defenses are required. The NOMEX ® brand has been making water as well as flame-resistant apparel with breathable materials just recently to battle this problem.


Many jobsites are outdoors, so the possibility of rain is constantly widespread while on the job. If your job is in a location with open flames or feasible surges, you will wish to protect on your own from both rain and fire. If there is a potential for problems caused by a power surge, you will want both securities since the effects of electrical energy are intensified in water, and it might start a fire.
This type of gear would also be valuable in the oil industry. Although they’re waterproof, these clothing would aid drive away various other liquids that can get on your clothes, such as oil. Oil catches fire quickly if subjected to a heat source.
Despite your reasons for requiring it, if you remain in the marketplace for fireproof rainfall gear, be sure to have a look at our option currently offered in our online store. It might not be the most elegant, however it gets the job done of maintaining you just as shielded from water and fire while at work.

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