Flame Resistant vs. Flame Retardant: What’s the Difference?

Using fire resistant or fire immune clothing is a safety and security need in different markets. Most people call this kind of garments FR gear, and although the conditions are the same, there are some distinctions that you should recognize. Allow’s discover fire resistant vs. flame resistant apparel: what’s the distinction?


Fire resistant clothing material is self-extinguishing, and also it does not spread, leak or thaw from direct exposure to extreme heat. The chemical make-up of the flame resistant textile makes it really one-of-a-kind.
Although not completely non-flammable, flame resistant garments burns just when revealed to flames for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, owning one is still beyond the reach of the ordinary individual.


Flame immune apparel is not made from the same unique flame resistant material. Fire resistant textiles are made from various fabrics, and need to be treated with chemicals to come to be fire resistant. These chemicals include halogenated hydrocarbons such as bromine and chlorine.
The major difference in between fire immune and also flame resistant clothing is the fabric. Without chemical treatment, flame resistant clothing will burn. Therefore, flame retardant apparel is extra common than flame resistant garments since manufacturers can make it from a range of resources.


To assist consumers comprehend the differences between these materials, the National Fire Protection Agency assembled a listing of requirements that determine whether fabrics are fire-resistant or fireproof. He calls this set of requirements NFPA 701: common fire examination techniques for flame retardant fabrics and movies. The majority of towns and state governments require materials that satisfy these criteria in certain markets, yet NFPA 701 is not a law.
Although these two types of clothes equal in name, they function differently at work. Since you understand the distinction in between fire resistant vs. flame immune garments, you can easily choose the appropriate clothes for your specific market.

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